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MOVING WITH CHILDREN: Part 2 of a Series….

  Some children have a “totally flexible” vibe. Doesn’t matter what you throw at them, it’s all a wonderful new adventure to enjoy, and they never look back. Never met a new food they didn’t like. They are comfortable wherever they go, and their transition from one activity to another takes about 5 seconds. Well, I have HEARD there are children like this, but I’ve never parented one of them. […]

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A Busy Market. An Unwritten Blog Post

It’s Monday night, 11:51 pm. And I intended to post today. I had lots of topics percolating in my mind, ready to leap into blog-dom. The topics are more than fully perked. But the post wasn’t posted. And frankly, my morning walk wasn’t walked. My dinner wasn’t cooked. And the TV show I thought I might get to watch tonight was utterly unwatched. The real estate market is very busy […]

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So I say “Grandma’s House,” and many already smell the cookies in the oven. But for me, “Grandma’s House” indicates one of my favorite categories of homes for sale. Mind you “Grandma’s House” is not a category by which we actually identify a house in the MLS. We are pretty much confined to categories like Transitional or Cape Cod or Ranch. Useful designations all. And sometimes it IS thoroughly helpful […]

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