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Welcome!  Thanks for checking out TODAY IN CINCINNATI REAL ESTATE.

The name of this blog was intended to be quite literal.  It is a place where I will share what’s on my mind this day as I work with buyers and sellers of Cincinnati homes.

Sometimes it will be about the larger trends I am seeing in the marketplace, and the “macro” issues that are relevant to the processes of marketing or purchasing a home.  Sometimes it will be about the smaller, more personal issues that inform those undertakings.  Sometimes it will be “how to” tips.  And sometimes I expect it will be about the “how wonderful!” moments that I am privileged to experience with clients on a very regular basis.

And “today” shows up in the name because these blog entries are clearly intended to be snapshots in time.  If these last several years in the real estate world have taught us anything, it is that THINGS CHANGE.  Much of what most people were sure they knew about real estate has been shown to be inaccurate…mostly because folks were assuming that some constructs would be true forever. And ever.  And ever.  But I watch the real estate climate change all the time, and quickly.  (Buyer’s market?  Seller’s market?  Careful, don’t blink or the answer will change.) So I readily admit that what I will say in these posts is really about today.  No need to contact me in the future saying (with great frustration or dismay), “But three years ago you posted….”  I cede the point in advance: whatever I said three years ago may not speak to the current moment. Part of what I love about my work in real estate is that it is a fresh puzzle every day.   And this blog will be a place where I will engage with that ever-new puzzle.

I welcome your reactions, your comments and your questions.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Thanks for joining me in this adventure!

Laurie Simon Goldman