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Archive for February 2021

The Market’s Crazy. What’s a Buyer to Do?

We’re metaphor-ing here today folks. See all those lightbulbs, and one standing out shining brightly??  In today’s super competitive real estate market, when sellers are looking at 7, 16, 21 offers (on the first day), you want to be the shiny bulb in that pack of offers. You want to be the one that sellers can’t help noticing and loving.  It’s not easy, and quite honestly it’s getting harder each […]

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Covid Anniversary Musings…

So here I am, starting to have Covid anniversary thoughts.  I bet you are, too. ANNIVERSARY??  A whole year?  Yes, it seems so.  And I’m having Covid Real Estate anniversary thoughts as well.  Here’s what came to mind today. Just about a year ago, in mid-February, something strange happened. At that point Covid was still a very abstract idea to us here, something on very-distant shores. I have two friends, […]

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