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The HGTV Three? How Many Houses Should I See?

HGTV has had a big impact on buyer expectations as they search for a home (can you say: stainless steel/granite, stainless steel/granite, stainless steel/granite??). But it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that HGTV real estate shows had also impacted buyers’ beliefs about how many houses they should see before making an offer. On TV, buyers seem to see 3 houses and then select one. Recently a young client, after […]

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Quite a few Mother’s Days ago, when our 4 children were all very small (and had many needs), my sweet husband asked how I would like to celebrate the day. And I answered him, with the raw honesty born of extreme sleep deprivation: I wanted him to peel the kids’ 40 fingers off of my ankles, and I wanted to step into our walk-in closet, and close the door behind […]

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Yes, you heard me right: I’m glad their car broke down. My own clients. I’m glad their car broke down. Malice in my heart? General meanness of spirit? Nope. I’m grateful that their car broke down because it saved them from making a mistake. This was a young couple that was just beginning their home search process, but suddenly stopped short because their car broke down and was going to […]

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I found myself thinking about the approach of Valentine’s Day…and how this would be a pretty darn romantic time for a couple to find their new home. Sure, flowers/chocolate/dinner/jewelry are lovely, but a signed Contract to Purchase is fabulous way to say, “I love you and I love imagining this house as the next backdrop for our life together.” Yeah, that’s pretty romantic! But what about those who are not […]

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Conventional wisdom says that the winter real estate market is slower than other times of the year. In the late Fall of 2012 (or, as I like to call it “last, last fall”) I began predicting that the “Spring” real estate market was going to begin on January 2nd. Colleagues laughed at me and told me that was much too early to see buyers and sellers turning their thoughts to […]

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It happened several years ago. A buyer made an offer on a home my client was selling, and gave us a strong pre-approval letter from a large local bank. All the better, we discovered the buyer was an employee of that bank…so we did a little happy dance expecting they were treating his loan process with extra special care since he was part of their team. Fast forward to 23 […]

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Quick: what were your favorite parts of the house you grew up in? (And by “house” I really mean wherever you lived when you were little. Apartment. Whatever.) Did answers come to your mind right away? When I was first asked this question, my mind popped out immediate responses. I loved the window seat in my bedroom, the biiiiig closet in my bedroom (which felt more like a clubhouse to […]

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In Winter, Sell a Ski Lodge

It’s cold outside. And, when I went to show a house a few days ago, it was also cold INSIDE. The seller had moved out, and left the thermostat set at 50 degrees. So the pipes wouldn’t freeze. The buyers, however, did freeze. The home was undeniably beautiful, but what the buyers noticed most clearly was… “IT’S COLD IN HERE!!” Sigh. I’m sure the seller would have preferred their attention […]

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