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Who Will Win the Race?

Do you know why she is about to win this race? BECAUSE SHE KEPT RUNNING! Do you know who is NOT going to win this race? All the folks who decided to stop running, sit down in the stands and just watch. Of course you know I’m not really talking about this runner, I’m talking about HOMEBUYERS. Because that’s what I do. I talk about real estate. And this runner […]

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House Hunting and the Hundred Yard Dash…

Do you know where these people are going?  I’m willing to guess. I think they just heard about a house coming available in the neighborhood in which they want to live, and they are heading that way.  Are they crazy for running?  No, they’ve just come to understand that house hunting right now is kind of like being  ready to do a hundred yard dash…at any moment on any day. The […]

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Do you see the house down the street with the For Sale sign in front of it?  Yeah, neither do I. I wish I did.  But it is not there. In many of the neighborhoods and communities in which my buyer clients would like to purchase homes, there are very few homes on the market.  Very.  Few.  Homes.  Sometimes none. An example….A few weeks ago a colleague thought I was […]

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A Busy Market. An Unwritten Blog Post

It’s Monday night, 11:51 pm. And I intended to post today. I had lots of topics percolating in my mind, ready to leap into blog-dom. The topics are more than fully perked. But the post wasn’t posted. And frankly, my morning walk wasn’t walked. My dinner wasn’t cooked. And the TV show I thought I might get to watch tonight was utterly unwatched. The real estate market is very busy […]

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