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In Winter, Sell a Ski Lodge

It’s cold outside. And, when I went to show a house a few days ago, it was also cold INSIDE. The seller had moved out, and left the thermostat set at 50 degrees. So the pipes wouldn’t freeze. The buyers, however, did freeze. The home was undeniably beautiful, but what the buyers noticed most clearly was… “IT’S COLD IN HERE!!” Sigh. I’m sure the seller would have preferred their attention […]

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Speed Dating in Real Estate

Are you familiar with how speed dating works? An event is held for singles in which folks essentially rotate around the room for 3 minute meetings with one person (ding! bell rings!), and then another person (ding!) and another (ding!). At the end, participants let the event manager know which of the people they’ve met they’d be interested in getting to know better. I’m convinced that today’s house hunting is  […]

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