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Yesterday. I loved yesterday. The morning started with a closing…as my clients, a recently-married young couple, closed on the purchase of their first home. There are few things sweeter than buyers receiving their first set of keys! Closings involving First Time Buyers bubble like champagne. A few hours later I met with another couple, clients who had purchased their first home 5 years ago. Walking in their front door, I […]

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Statistics Confirm: You are Not Average!

True confessions time. I admit I am an out and out real estate data wonk. I love mucking around in the MLS database. Yes, I did say “love.” If I were to make an even truer true confession, I would admit that I wholeheartedly, obsessively love mucking around in real estate data. If I linger in there long enough, twist my queries in enough different ways, look at the market […]

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Choosing Your Agent: The Coffee Test!

There is plenty of good advice out there about how to select a real estate agent. But I think these checklists often leave out a really crucial evaluative piece…which I call “The Coffee Test.” The checklists often suggest seeking referrals from friends/relatives/co-workers, which I think is a fabulous idea. So then you want to know that this agent really knows what s/he is doing, so ask for some info on […]

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