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Yesterday. I loved yesterday.

The morning started with a closing…as my clients, a recently-married young couple, closed on the purchase of their first home. There are few things sweeter than buyers receiving their first set of keys! Closings involving First Time Buyers bubble like champagne.

A few hours later I met with another couple, clients who had purchased their first home 5 years ago. Walking in their front door, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting their 2 young children…who didn’t exist when we worked together 5 years ago! (Yay, babies!!) And I got to hear the parents’ ponderings about the future: Was it time to move? Kindergarten in this school or kindergarten in that school? Less land, more neighborhood? Maybe now or maybe later, and how did the changing housing market impact all of this? As playing children zipped through the room, we brainstormed scenarios for the next decade; we didn’t say so at the time, but we may have been determining where that pre-schooler will be living when she is 15 years old and learning to drive.

Next I confirmed the time for a Final Walkthrough for another family, with two high-schoolers. The family is moving between communities/school districts…and they have worked out the logistics so the kids could start classes, and maintain athletic eligibility, and smooth out the myriad details of high school life. Ready to roll!

And I heard from a mom whose adult son is maybe getting engaged, and maybe house hunting…and thinking through what and where home might be for them. Maybe now. Maybe after the engagement. So we are juggling all the variables like brightly colored balls, keeping them all in the air, with all possibilities open.

I also met with a woman who is semi-retired and ready to downsize. (Well, really, it’s not entirely about shrinking the size of her home; she like so many others really just wants to “flatten” her housing situation…to live all on one level, with the laundry room on that floor.) We had a showing at what turned out to be the perfect condo, and just a few hours later she’d made her offer, had it accepted, and was under contract on the next chapter of her life.

So that was yesterday. It turned out to be a lot of individual stories that all fit together to be about (here’s the sappiness alert)…The Circle of Life. (Are you hearing the song from The Lion King playing in your mind now? My gift to you!) It may be sappy, but, well…that’s the stuff that matters to me.

It is absolutely true that I love the process of working with clients to buy and sell houses. But it is even more true that I REALLY love my work with houses because it’s about helping people connect with places-that-feel-like-home across all the ages and stages and adventures of their lives. It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of the process when people are changing and dreaming and adjusting their trajectories.

My recent clients have been in their 20s. And in their 80s. And every age in between. And all of them have been enthusiastically reimagining their futures. It’s wonderful to be around that kind of energy.

That’s why I loved yesterday…and so many of my workdays!

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6 replies

  1. That was a joy to read! I love your yesterday too. ❤️

    Adrienne Davidson


  2. Glad you enjoyed, Dree! Thanks for leaving the message 🙂

  3. Fabulous work for fabulous people by a fabulous realtor!

  4. Thanks, Marc! And many thanks for being the (superhero) loan officer to many of them!

  5. You are awesome. I share so much of what you said; that’s why I love working with you so much.


  6. Thanks, Molly! It is always a pleasure to work with you!!

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