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Time to Stop Waiting?? (Buyers’ Edition)

You thought you were buying a house. But then you weren’t. Instead you’ve been…waiting.  And waiting. Mortgage interest rates jumped up in the 2nd half of last year. Exhausted by a market that was super-competitive, home prices that had vaulted upwards and interest rates that were shrinking your buying power, you were among a chunk of buyers who decided to step out of the market.  I get it.  It was no […]

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Who Will Win the Race?

Do you know why she is about to win this race? BECAUSE SHE KEPT RUNNING! Do you know who is NOT going to win this race? All the folks who decided to stop running, sit down in the stands and just watch. Of course you know I’m not really talking about this runner, I’m talking about HOMEBUYERS. Because that’s what I do. I talk about real estate. And this runner […]

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Your Neighbor is Like a Crocus

I was recalling this series of events, and got to thinking about neighbors…. I arrived at a seller’s home to get ready for Open House, and discovered that a wall railing on the stairs had gotten pulled a bit loose during a showing earlier that day. I texted the seller (who was out of town) just to give him a heads up.  The seller, it seems, then texted his neighbor, […]

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The Market’s Crazy. What’s a Buyer to Do?

We’re metaphor-ing here today folks. See all those lightbulbs, and one standing out shining brightly??  In today’s super competitive real estate market, when sellers are looking at 7, 16, 21 offers (on the first day), you want to be the shiny bulb in that pack of offers. You want to be the one that sellers can’t help noticing and loving.  It’s not easy, and quite honestly it’s getting harder each […]

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Covid Anniversary Musings…

So here I am, starting to have Covid anniversary thoughts.  I bet you are, too. ANNIVERSARY??  A whole year?  Yes, it seems so.  And I’m having Covid Real Estate anniversary thoughts as well.  Here’s what came to mind today. Just about a year ago, in mid-February, something strange happened. At that point Covid was still a very abstract idea to us here, something on very-distant shores. I have two friends, […]

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There’s a different feel in the wind. We all know which way the wind was blowing in the real estate market earlier this year: it was a time of gale-force, hold-onto-your-hat currents! Houses were whipping on and off the market in (seeming) moments, and buyers were being buffeted about trying to race to the next new listing before it was gone. Prices were up, and were being bid even higher in multiple […]

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There are so many important questions to consider when looking for a new home. How long is the commute to work? Do I love the kids’ schools? Can I walk to a coffee shop? And what will it cost to replace that circa-1973 carpet in the bedroom? But then there are a slew of other questions that, honestly, are often forgotten by buyers…but may make a big difference in your […]

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Yesterday. I loved yesterday. The morning started with a closing…as my clients, a recently-married young couple, closed on the purchase of their first home. There are few things sweeter than buyers receiving their first set of keys! Closings involving First Time Buyers bubble like champagne. A few hours later I met with another couple, clients who had purchased their first home 5 years ago. Walking in their front door, I […]

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First I Picked My Playground: When It’s All About “Location, Location, Location.”

First I picked my playground. No, I’m not kidding. It is an accurate description of how we ended up where we live. This playground was heaven to my kids: 3 separate play areas, a sweet little creek, paths to walk in the woods, and picnic shelters where they liked to sit down for lunch or a snack. We drove to this place nearly every day, until eventually we narrowed our […]

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