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Conventional wisdom says that the winter real estate market is slower than other times of the year. In the late Fall of 2012 (or, as I like to call it “last, last fall”) I began predicting that the “Spring” real estate market was going to begin on January 2nd. Colleagues laughed at me and told me that was much too early to see buyers and sellers turning their thoughts to […]

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It happened several years ago. A buyer made an offer on a home my client was selling, and gave us a strong pre-approval letter from a large local bank. All the better, we discovered the buyer was an employee of that bank…so we did a little happy dance expecting they were treating his loan process with extra special care since he was part of their team. Fast forward to 23 […]

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Quick: what were your favorite parts of the house you grew up in? (And by “house” I really mean wherever you lived when you were little. Apartment. Whatever.) Did answers come to your mind right away? When I was first asked this question, my mind popped out immediate responses. I loved the window seat in my bedroom, the biiiiig closet in my bedroom (which felt more like a clubhouse to […]

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MOVING WITH CHILDREN: Part 2 of a Series….

  Some children have a “totally flexible” vibe. Doesn’t matter what you throw at them, it’s all a wonderful new adventure to enjoy, and they never look back. Never met a new food they didn’t like. They are comfortable wherever they go, and their transition from one activity to another takes about 5 seconds. Well, I have HEARD there are children like this, but I’ve never parented one of them. […]

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A Busy Market. An Unwritten Blog Post

It’s Monday night, 11:51 pm. And I intended to post today. I had lots of topics percolating in my mind, ready to leap into blog-dom. The topics are more than fully perked. But the post wasn’t posted. And frankly, my morning walk wasn’t walked. My dinner wasn’t cooked. And the TV show I thought I might get to watch tonight was utterly unwatched. The real estate market is very busy […]

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Choosing Your Agent: The Coffee Test!

There is plenty of good advice out there about how to select a real estate agent. But I think these checklists often leave out a really crucial evaluative piece…which I call “The Coffee Test.” The checklists often suggest seeking referrals from friends/relatives/co-workers, which I think is a fabulous idea. So then you want to know that this agent really knows what s/he is doing, so ask for some info on […]

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Buyers are Liars??

“Buyers are Liars” is a phrase tossed around by real estate professionals. I don’t love it. (Nope, not the way I think about my clients.)  It is, however, shorthand for a common phenomenon, which goes like this… A buyer tells the agent he wants a brick 2-story home with at least 4 bedrooms, located on an acre of land in a particular suburb. And, many house showings later, with great […]

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