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Conventional wisdom says that the winter real estate market is slower than other times of the year. In the late Fall of 2012 (or, as I like to call it “last, last fall”) I began predicting that the “Spring” real estate market was going to begin on January 2nd. Colleagues laughed at me and told me that was much too early to see buyers and sellers turning their thoughts to buying and selling. But then January 2nd came, and the phones started ringing. And RINGING! The snickering of colleagues ceased. And 2013 zipped along as a year of gangbuster real estate sales/purchases.

In the late fall of 2013 I kept muttering, “unmet demand, unmet demand,” and predicting that the winter wouldn’t slow down too much, and that the Spring market would jump into gear again on January 2nd. Buyers did keep looking through the holidays, but I was a little bit wrong. This year the first wave of post-holiday phone ringing started as soon as December 26th! (Before the gift wrap had even been recycled!) Then January 2nd rolled around, and the phone was back in HIGH gear. It actually made me giggle. These last few years have me totally convinced: Spring arrives on January 2nd!

So there you have it…my anecdotal evidence that the Spring market is here. I know the weather forecast for Cincinnati today tops out somewhere BELOW zero, but in the land of real estate, it feels like Spring. I’ve been out on lots of these recent snowy days with buyers who are house hunting, and going under contract on their purchases. There are many, many buyers out there with their wish lists, still waiting for their dream homes to appear. So if you are a homeowner and have been waiting for the moment to sell, do these buyers (and yourselves!) a favor, and get on the market soon. Don’t listen to the weather forecasts that are talking about all this wintriness. The meteorologists may be monitoring high pressure and low pressure systems, but they aren’t monitoring the phone/email/texts of realtors. All this activity says Spring is here.

That being said, I’ll bow to the thermometer and throw another log on the fire. But then I’ll answer the pile of client emails that just arrived. And then I’ll get ready for a meeting later today with sellers getting their home ready to sell. So what if the thermometer says “freakishly cold”?? I still say: Welcome to Spring!

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  1. There is certainly something to be said for putting it out there to the universe and then thinking positively!

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