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I found myself thinking about the approach of Valentine’s Day…and how this would be a pretty darn romantic time for a couple to find their new home. Sure, flowers/chocolate/dinner/jewelry are lovely, but a signed Contract to Purchase is fabulous way to say, “I love you and I love imagining this house as the next backdrop for our life together.” Yeah, that’s pretty romantic!

But what about those who are not married, not in a relationship, not part of a couple?? Someone once said to me, “I feel the most single on Valentine’s Day.” And she said it with sadness.

There are certainly folks who are delightedly single. Couple-dom is not their dream right now. Or not their dream…EVER. But there are others who do wish to be in a relationship, and the fact that our culture turns intensely red and pink and heart-laden in February feels like a repetitive reminder of a dream that has not yet come true.

Actually, I also really like the idea of these individuals making a Valentine’s home purchase!

It feels like a wonderful opportunity to remember that “happy” doesn’t depend on the Ms. Right or Mr. Right who has not yet appeared. And to assert that one’s life is not about Waiting for Mr. Right. It feels like a great time to reframe all the February hearts and flowers as reminders to care for ONESELF; forget about a vase of roses that will wither in a week, and find a place with a rose garden that will bloom and bloom and bloom for you! Or not; no pressure to be a gardener!  I think metaphorical roses are certainly as wonderful as the kind on bushes…since the whole idea is about finding a place in which YOU bloom and bloom and bloom.

I found myself thinking about Valentine’s Day. And dreams that light us up. And gifts that last. For couples. For singles. For families. I really love that heart-shaped welcome mat in the photo. Welcome mats for all of us! It’s a good time to walk through new doors and welcome what comes next.

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  1. Thank you foor being you

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