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Yesterday. I loved yesterday. The morning started with a closing…as my clients, a recently-married young couple, closed on the purchase of their first home. There are few things sweeter than buyers receiving their first set of keys! Closings involving First Time Buyers bubble like champagne. A few hours later I met with another couple, clients who had purchased their first home 5 years ago. Walking in their front door, I […]

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House Hunting and the Hundred Yard Dash…

Do you know where these people are going?  I’m willing to guess. I think they just heard about a house coming available in the neighborhood in which they want to live, and they are heading that way.  Are they crazy for running?  No, they’ve just come to understand that house hunting right now is kind of like being  ready to do a hundred yard dash…at any moment on any day. The […]

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First I Picked My Playground: When It’s All About “Location, Location, Location.”

First I picked my playground. No, I’m not kidding. It is an accurate description of how we ended up where we live. This playground was heaven to my kids: 3 separate play areas, a sweet little creek, paths to walk in the woods, and picnic shelters where they liked to sit down for lunch or a snack. We drove to this place nearly every day, until eventually we narrowed our […]

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Do you see the house down the street with the For Sale sign in front of it?  Yeah, neither do I. I wish I did.  But it is not there. In many of the neighborhoods and communities in which my buyer clients would like to purchase homes, there are very few homes on the market.  Very.  Few.  Homes.  Sometimes none. An example….A few weeks ago a colleague thought I was […]

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4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths…and Donuts???

Can you tell what is going on in this photo? It’s “Bobbing for Donuts.” (You know, like bobbing for apples, turned upside down, with no chance of drowning.) This game was one of the many events that took place at a recent neighborhood Block Party…to the delight of all. To the best of my knowledge, no families actually moved to this neighborhood because their wish list stipulated “4 bedrooms, 2.5 […]

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The HGTV Three? How Many Houses Should I See?

HGTV has had a big impact on buyer expectations as they search for a home (can you say: stainless steel/granite, stainless steel/granite, stainless steel/granite??). But it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that HGTV real estate shows had also impacted buyers’ beliefs about how many houses they should see before making an offer. On TV, buyers seem to see 3 houses and then select one. Recently a young client, after […]

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Quite a few Mother’s Days ago, when our 4 children were all very small (and had many needs), my sweet husband asked how I would like to celebrate the day. And I answered him, with the raw honesty born of extreme sleep deprivation: I wanted him to peel the kids’ 40 fingers off of my ankles, and I wanted to step into our walk-in closet, and close the door behind […]

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