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There are so many important questions to consider when looking for a new home. How long is the commute to work? Do I love the kids’ schools? Can I walk to a coffee shop? And what will it cost to replace that circa-1973 carpet in the bedroom? But then there are a slew of other questions that, honestly, are often forgotten by buyers…but may make a big difference in your […]

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House Hunting and the Hundred Yard Dash…

Do you know where these people are going?  I’m willing to guess. I think they just heard about a house coming available in the neighborhood in which they want to live, and they are heading that way.  Are they crazy for running?  No, they’ve just come to understand that house hunting right now is kind of like being  ready to do a hundred yard dash…at any moment on any day. The […]

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Buyers are Liars??

“Buyers are Liars” is a phrase tossed around by real estate professionals. I don’t love it. (Nope, not the way I think about my clients.)  It is, however, shorthand for a common phenomenon, which goes like this… A buyer tells the agent he wants a brick 2-story home with at least 4 bedrooms, located on an acre of land in a particular suburb. And, many house showings later, with great […]

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